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Who we are

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Our Brighton Capoeira Angola group was established by Boneco de Sousa in 2002. Together with his three sisters and brother, Boneco has been teaching Capoeira in UK for many years.

Boneco and his sisters are known within the capoeira community as the 'Amazonas' family. They are well known in the UK, Europe and Brazil as a friendly and welcoming Capoeira Angola group. We regularly collaborate with other UK-based groups and bring guest teachers over from Brazil and Europe.

In 2005 Boneco and his sister met Mestre Roberval who transformed their vision of Capoeira. 

Currently, we offer regular Capoeira Angola classes to all backgrounds and ages in Brighton. We believe that Capoeira brings positive change to people's lives through Afro-Brazilian culture, social awareness, empowerment and mutual respect. 

Since 2015 we have worked in partnership with Amazonas Arts, a not-for-profit community association bringing the benefits of Capoeira and related activities to schools and community groups.

about BrightonCapoeira Angola

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 Brighton Capoeira Angola delivers its work for the community. Practising, studying and sharing Capoeira Angola, are the main focus. Promoting well being for all ages and communities, Brighton Capoeira Angola stimulates in people desire to learn something new or quite different from conventional classes. whether it is physical movement or musical engagement, our Capoeira Angola class gives everyone the opportunity to grow self-confidence. Brighton Capoeira Angola organises annual events where Capoeira practitioners from all over the UK and abroad gather for workshops to share in this art form and learn from each other.


Our Teacher

Contra-Mestre Boneco

I have been teaching Capoeira since the 1990s. I am also a percussionist, qualified fitness instructor and Associate Lecturer in Stage Combat in acting for film with BADC at University of Chichester.

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