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Our music


Capoeira Angola music consists of a 'BATERIA' which is an orchestra of different percussion instruments.

The unique and most important instrument in Capoeira is the BERIMBAU, a single-string instrument that resonates through a gourd. 
In the circle ('RODA') there are three berimbaus,

  • the 'GUNGA' that directs the rhythm,

  • the 'MEDIO' that holds the rhythm,

  • the 'VIOLA' that plays variations on the Gunga's rhythm.

  • There are also two 'PANDEIROS'(tambourines)

  • AGOGO'(cow-bell)

  • 'RECO-RECO' (wood scraper)

  • 'ATABAQUE' (conga-style drum).

The practice

Musicality is a fundamental skill for Capoeira Angola practitioners. Students are encouraged to learn to play all the instruments and sing traditional Capoeira songs in Portuguese. This can be quite challenging but is often the most rewarding and fun part of Capoeira. The aim is ultimately to collaborate in the 'RODA' but it also develops a new artistic life skill.  

Capoeira on the beach

Capoeira Angola Music / its lyrics

  • Music is an essential ingredient of Capoeira Angola; we devote a considerable part of each class to the study of music. Everybody is motivated to learn how to play the instruments, sing Capoeira songs and understand the meaning of the lyrics.

  • ​Music is a fundamental element of Capoeira Angola. The ritual of the Roda is marked by different rhythms and songs which determine the style of game that the two players should engage in. The person leading the song passes messages and instructions to the players and others in the roda and give a commentary or a narrative on the game.

  • During the class students learn how to play the musical instruments, beginning with the simpler ones before moving on to the more difficult rhythms, and also learn the songs that accompany the game of capoeira.

  • All the songs are in Brazilian Portuguese, which often motivates the students to learn a new language and culture.

M Roberval and Berimbau

Mestre Roberval running a music session along with his Berimbau

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