Capoeira For Beginners

Adults Classes

Fees for Regular Session MQFSM

  • Prepaid card of £28 for 4 classes to your first Capoeira course valid for one month.

  • Drop in £10
    (1.5-2h session)

 Capoeira for Students
in Brighton

  • Your first class is a free taster session which must be booked in advance

  • We offer discount if you are a students with concessionary prove

Students can join us for a taster session, You then can have options on:

  • Drop in £8

  • Buy monthly prepaid-sessions £25 for 4 classes

  • All students must provide a concessionary proof to be entitled to discount

  • Brighton Capoeira Angola offers you discounts for regular classes If you become a regular in our sessions.

  • Prepaid-session at a great discount available for you

  • Regular drop-in £10 
    (1.5-2h session)


  • prepaid card is valid for one month:
    The Prepaid sessions
    £40 for 5 classes
    at any venues where Brighton Capoeira Angola MQFSM holds its classes. 

Children's classes

  • Drop in £7 

  • Prepaid card £25 for 4 classes,
    valid for one month.

  • Buy 8 classes £40 + get a free Capoeira kid's tshirt

All fees are non-refundable

All Participants are asked to fill out a disclaimer in the unlikely event of personal injury during one of our classes.