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Our capoeira performances are fantastic entertainment for schools, night clubs, street festivals and corporate events. Using this truly unique art form we take our musical and physical skills to streets, stages and festivals around the UK, performing for crowds and running workshops for all ages and abilities.

These performances include:

  • Capoeira Angola

  • Afro-Brazilian percussion music

  • Maculele stick dances

  • Samaba

Capoeira Angola Brighton delivers various Samba styles influenced by traditional folklore from the Northeast of Brazil, including:

  • Samba de coco

  • Samba de roda

  • Samba Reggae (Carnival) 

  • Samba Percussion rhythms 

  • Samba dance

  • Live Samba Band 


We have many years of experience running workshops for schools, organisations, youth clubs, and music festivals to name a few.

Our workshops are fun, engaging and completely different to anything else. We introduce people of all ages and abilities to the fundamentals of capoeira with simple footwork, partner exercises, basic percussion and rhythm in a fun, light hearted environment. 

Please contact Boneco for further information

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