what to expect

Our classes involve a mixture of intensive exercise to warm up the body, focused learning of capoeira movements and partner work.
We aim to increase your strength, stamina, rhythm, flexibility and self expression within a fun and dynamic environment.
An essential component of capoeira is music. We also teach basic percussion and songs in Brazilian Portuguese. 



These classes are ideal for anyone wanting to try capoeira for the first time.

We welcome all levels of experience and provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere to learn new skills. 

We run both beginners classes, and classes for those who already have some experience. 

Kids classes

Every Wednesday we run our Capoeira Angola classes for kids in Brighton. These kids classes are all about inclusivity, fun, respect and empowerment. Children learn about all aspects of capoeira, from music and history, to movement and the fundamentals of acrobatics and fitness. Much like our adult classes they participate in group, partner and solo exercises to develop skills in strength, flexibility, communication, teamwork and rhythm. They discover in a safe and supportive environment about another culture, and learn tools for creativity, self expression and confidence that extend into other areas of their lives. 

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what to expect

In our classes children learn the fundamentals of Capoeira movements, percussion rhythms and songs. We teach not only fitness, but also music, history and songs in Portuguese. Together children learn to improve their fitness and work in pairs and groups. They learn physical creativity, strength, acting skills, rhythm as well as equality, trust and respect.

Capoeira enhances mental and physical wellbeing. We work on increasing self esteem, communication, fitness and team work and creating a sense of community and respect in class.

Please bare in mind that as our classes involve a lot of exercise and jumping around and children should be dressed appropriately in loose stretchy clothing and soft shoes. Please also make sure they have water and a snack.

Our Class is on every Wednesday at 4pm for more info please see our timetable.