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Why learn capoeira music

Music is an essential ingredient of capoeira angola. At Mucambo Capoeira Angola we devote a considerable part of each class to the study of music. Everybody is motivated to learn how to play the instruments, sing capoeira songs and understand the meaning of the lyrics. They usually reveal hidden secrets of the culture and mind of old capoeristas, or angoleiros (the men and women who practice capoeira).

The ritual of the roda is marked by different rhythms and songs which determine the style of game that the two players in the roda should embrace. The person leading the song passes messages and instructions to the players and others in the roda and gives a commentary or a narrative on the game.

During the class students learn how to play the musical instruments, beginning with the simpler rhythms before moving on to the more advanced ones, while learning to sing the songs that accompany the game of capoeira.

All the songs are in Brazilian Portuguese, which often motivates the students to learn a new language and culture.

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